A little bit about the person behind the work.

Cera L. Hendry

I currently work as the Head of Design and Visual Communications for an Australian-based importing company and retailer. I graduated with a Diploma in Visual Arts and Animation in 2004 from the Southbank Institute of Technology in Brisbane. Since then I’ve worked in a number of creative and non-creative fields including digital design, illustration, printed media, marketing and retail management. On the side, I run an online store specialising in unique stationery and artworks called Pink Syrup.

When I’m not working, I’m a huge foodie and am often found travelling, eating, photographing, cooking and not least of all, drawing/writing for my story-based projects.

My style and work is heavily influenced by Japanese pop culture as well as the games, toys and stories that I grew up with through the late 80s and 90s. In the future I hope to delve more into stationery and product design as well as independent games development. I have a weakness for collecting rare vintage consoles, games and virtual pets.

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