Set in a ‘near-future’ on a fictional world, Ex Astris follows the story of Lanis Rosenberg, a newly graduated medical practitioner working in the Loennian military.

Doubtful of her abilities to cope in the army, and lost with her direction in life, Lanis’ world is suddenly turned upside-down when she is transferred to the secretive, militaristic nation of Xian. There she is assigned to a subject named A-28 ‘Ash’. An emotionless, unstable, biologically engineered soldier and her opposite in every way…

Format: Kinetic visual novel
Engine: RenPy
8 Chapters, ongoing
Genre: Light Sci-Fi / Drama / GxB / Supernatural
Rating: 16+ for violence and adult themes

Originally introduced some ten years ago as ‘LINEAR – Divine Seer’, Ex Astris has been my largest solo project to date. Still a work-in-progress, this episodic kinetic novel is slated to finish late 2019 (life permitting!) with nine chapters.

Ex Astris is completely free to download read. However, if you wish to support me I have a ‘buy me a coffee‘ ($3) campaign.


NOTE: As I’ve had an ongoing issue with my hosting, these files are currently being hosted on Dropbox (they’re a direct download link), this is a temporary fix until the project’s completion so please let me know if you run in to any issues. – Thanks!