Lucian is a young vampire with a terrible lack of control over his bloodlust. Lisa is a mute who lost her vocal cords to cancer. Love has a strange way of entering your life as soon as you let your guard down…

Format: Written novel
19 Chapters – Complete
Publisher: Self-published under ‘Silent Novels’
Genre: Drama / Angst / Supernatural
Rating: 15+ for language and violence
* Story published under my maiden name.

I wrote Red Generation many years ago now, and long before the Twilight train left the station. I do have Twilight to thank though, as the supernatural genre gained momentum while I was working on it and what started out as a fun little writing project became something much larger with the exposure I received in what was now a massively popular genre.

Red Generation took me just over a year to complete, and I released the story a chapter at a time on Fictionpress. Since then I have refined it, written an extra chapter and have published a printed version that fans can pick up if they wish to support me. The original draft version is still free to read on Fictionpress though. (Although, I’d like to think my writing has matured a little in the past decade since writing this! XD)