It was only by chance that Tiffany Smythe found out that the new student at St. Angela”s all-girls school wasn’t who or what ‘she’ appeared to be.

So just who is Dorn, the mysterious young man with the face of an angel? Why is he posing as a student and how is his presence intertwined with the disappearance of two fellow classmates?

Format: Web Comic
Inks, Copic Markers, Pencils, Photoshop
Status: 4 Chapters / 113 pages – Complete
Genre: Drama / Dark Humour
Rating: 15+ for crude humour and adult themes

Rosetta is a traditionally-illustrated short comic story that I worked on when I needed a break from the heavy digital demands of Ex Astris.

Oddly the concept came to me when researching the lyrics of ‘Cherry Lips’ by Garbage. I always enjoy reading cross-dressing manga genres and thought it would be fun to give it a go myself. It came out a little more serious and darker than I intended in some areas, (as I wanted to shine a light on human trafficking) but overall this was a lot of fun to work on.

Rosetta is currently in a online-only format but when I find the time I plan to compile all my original high-resolution files and release a printed version over two volumes, more so I can have a copy for myself!