Myrah met ‘Abby’ Abigail on the first day she transferred to Saint Mary’s all-girls senior college. Abby was all Myrah could have asked for in a new friend, she was good company, helpful and highly knowledgeable of the school.

This went without saying though, as Abby had been there for a very very long time indeed…

Format: Point & Click / Visual Novel
Flash (In-browser)
Status: On hiatus, prologue complete.
Genre: Horror / Puzzle
Rating: 14+

Three Souls is a simple yet highly experimental short game project I started for the NaNoRenO 2015 Visual Novel Jam. It’s safe to say I didn’t finish it in the allotted time, however I successfully completed the prologue with 3 subsequent chapters to follow.

This project is currently on hiatus, as I am unsure whether I will continue to move it forward in Adobe Flash (with my limited Actionscript knowledge) or re-construct it in a more fitting engine such as Adventure Game Studio.