Ex Astris – Final Chapter


After many years, the Ex Astris visual novel is wrapping up with chapter 9 being the final instalment. Currently slated as a double-length chapter, this one will understandably take a little longer to put together. A dedicated Lemmasoft development thread is coming soon.

The Imposter


A new video collaboration with Brisbane musician, Peter Turk, who has provided background music and songs for past projects such as Three Souls and Rules They Abide by.

Pink Syrup


Pink Syrup’s Tumblr has very recently hit 6.5k followers, and is my humble little design hub for all things retro, pixel art, vaporwave and that sweet 80s/90s nostalgia. Don that scrunchie and walkman, we’re goin’ way back…


I’m a professional graphic designer with a passion for creating story-driven content in my spare time. Graduating from the Southbank Institute of Technology in Brisbane (2004) with Diplomas in Visual Arts and Animation, my industry experience has since moved heavily into the fields of digital and printed advertising, package design for consumer products and signage.

A hopeless romantic with an interest in dark gritty story settings, my true love outside of work lies in story telling using visual and written mediums. I have weaknesses for 80s and 90s era anime, otome visual novels, sushi, quirky electronics, and all things retro.


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